Remembering Things Past

By Dwarkanath Girimaji on his brother Lakshmanarao Girimaji who passed away in Thirthahalli at the age of 97, on Dec 2nd.

There was chaos all over the country during 1946-48. India had just tasted independence. The government at the centre was constantly trying to unify the country. But there were several hurdles. At that time, the Nizams were ruling Hyderabad, presently the Andhra Pradesh. These guys didn’t want to join themselves with the rest of the country. They had full support from the English and the other powers, the result of which was dangerous. There were different kinds of anti-social and anti-national activities prevailing in Hyderabad and similar regions around it. These were followed by protests from local people. The main reason was the evil planning of the English and others who hated our nation.

Though the northern part of the country underwent division, the southern part of the country wasn’t extremely affected. Many other powers who couldn’t tolerate this were trying to disintegrate our country. In this crucial situation, the Nizam government who couldn’t express themselves directly, started the defective system in the state and began terror activities. They were called the ‘Razaakars’. Many patriots, not only in the state, but also from other parts of the country came together to put an end to these terrorists.

Regarding the weapons and other techniques, these patriots were helped from all over the country. The reason why I mentioned this is, many hand bombs were being prepared in Shimoga also, and sent to Hyderabad. These bombs were being prepared under the guidance of Girimaji (Lakshmanrao Girimaji). He had learnt this art in his several years of service in the Army. He’d served in Egypt, Singapore, Osaka and various other African and Asian countries for around 5-6 years, with the British Army, before the ending of Second World war. Though I’ve met and worked with such patriots, I don’t remember if any of them are alive now.

Today, it is time to remember this Girimaji. After that, the Iron Man Patel started an Army movement on the pretext of starting a Police movement and secured Andhra Pradesh for India using his strength and power. But the present generation won’t know any bit about this.

Lakshmanrao Girimaji’s military job also ended in a strange manner. The behavior of the white soldier changed mysteriously after the war. The patriots couldn’t tolerate this. An English officer wrongly said, “You Bloody Indians”, after which the soldiers retaliated and left the army. After that, he lived in Shimoga, and he even refused the job of a policeman. Instead, he went into electrical business with the experience he’d gained in the military, and took the responsibility of his whole family. Though he stayed in Thirthahalli, he was directly responsible for the starting and functioning of many small scale industries in Bangalore, Shimoga etc. He’s been honored several times by the rotary and many other organizations.

Though he hadn’t earned a lot of money, he was loved by all and it’s not necessary to elaborate about his fame and popularity. Such an elderly and great man was once touched by a painful and insulting situation. Several years back, the state government announced that it’d grant pension to the freedom fighters and the veteran soldiers who’d taken part in the Second World war.

But Lakshmanrao Girimaji’s application was rejected and neglected even though he had total eligibility for it! He’d rejected it earlier when the British government had announced a similar programme. But this time, after 50 years, his application, letters were all overlooked and this put him in a state of humiliation and disappointment. This indicates an evil and corrupted of the authorities. But this great man never wished any of these and there was no necessity either.

There’s no need to elaborate further on the several good deeds carried out by him for the people around.

As written by Dwarkanath Girimaji, his brother who always loves and respects him, in Kannada.
And Translated by Nitin, grandson of Dwarkanath Girimaji.


Inexcusably worst band names – Vol.2

sick names

Here I go, again…! 😛

Guys, It’s time for yet another edition of the Worst band names. Perhaps I should call it, Sick band names! Lol.
So, without much talking, let’s get down to business.

1. Hoobastank

Sigh. What does this mean dude? I’ve searched for this word’s meaning in sooo many places! You tell me, doesn’t sound weird?
The band name should be comprehensible.
In an interview, here’s what the band’s vocalist, Doug Robb, had to say about the name: “It’s really cool, it’s one of those old high school inside-joke words that didn’t really mean anything.”

2. Matchbox 20

Band names should never contain numbers. Never! Never!
If they’re doing a live show, they’ll go like, “We’re matchbox 20, are you ready to rock!?” Lol. Are they selling a household cleanser!?
It’s ridiculous!

3. Sevendust

Oh! This band probably consists of guys with great brains. They’ve counted number of dust particles.. But I don’t know where..!

4. Smashing Pumpkins

Even the band thinks Smashing Pumpkins “is a stupid name, a dumb bad joke and a bad idea,” which should tell you something. None of their songs talk about smashing Pumpkins. It’s only our brains which will probably be smashed after listening to their songs!

5. Puddle of Mudd

This band name would actually work perfectly as the name for a bohemian coffee shop where a girl in an orange tank top with a brown bandana on her head asks if you want an organic wheat muffin.(You’ll understand this only if you know about Bohemian music!)

6. Goo Goo Dolls

The band found the name in an issue of True Detective Magazine after a club owner balked at their original name, the Sex Maggots. Not only does the name sound like something an infant would gargle while bursting forth out of the birth canal, it doesn’t come anywhere near to complimenting the band’s sound (neither does the Sex Maggots, for that matter).
Their music is Nice. Name Sucks!

7. The The
the the

The band leader probably became dumb just before he could give a full proper name. It’s also not terribly smart to choose a name guaranteed to make it impossible for people to Google you.

8. Chumbawamba

A group of British “anarchists” with strong political opinions needed a band name that resonated with the passion of their views, and so picked a gibberish word that means nothing. Rage against the Machine would make a better name! 😛

9. Wolves in the Throne Room

Does this name make any sense? I couldn’t even make out what they were singing, in their couple of songs. This band is a perfect recipe for a Trauma. The name and their music send you directly to hell!

10. Sick Puppies

Maybe their pet dog falls ill very often. But it definitely is not a name given to a band.! The girl is very Hot!

P.S. – My pal Varun once was talking about Bands with worst names. That gave me the idea to write this topic!
I will keep writing here whenever I find some bands!

Inexcusably worst band names – Vol. 1

worst band names

Recently, I was given this hint about writing in something about the bands I’ve listened to, which have the worst of names!

So, I thought I could throw some light on this.
These are some of the bands I’ve listened to, and I think these are some of the bands with shit names!! (given in a random order!) 😛
I’m not talking about their music..

1. … And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

Some days ago, I heard the RJ announcing something about this band. The RJ almost forgot the name of this band. LMAO!
Maybe they could’ve made it like ‘Trail of the Dead.’

2. Linkin Park

This otherwise non-severe misspelling reached new levels of pathetic when I discovered that the spelling change was made because, I swear to Jesus, the domain name was taken. 😛

3. Wow, Owls!

I think I’m not really capable to criticise this name. It’s too bad to even speak about..! Maybe, you can only make a decision…

4. Oh No! Oh My!
oh no

Imagine someone coming and asking you, ‘Hey, do you listen to Oh No, Oh My!?’
It sounds scary!
Maybe, this band will win an award for the worst name!!
I will reward you if you tell me what these guys are doing in the pic!

5. Def Leppard

Wrong spellings everywhere.. Here and There!
I don’t know what the members would have been thinking while naming!
I can’t think how a leopard can’t hear!

6. This bike is like a pipe bomb

That’s it. I’m starting a band called Hey, Let’s go bomb the bikes with pipe.
Lol. I don’t how people will take it. But before that, will I do that!? Never in the name of the God, will I ever keep such a name.
Then how did these people think of it.! God save them!

7. Green Day

The fact is, I don’t like this band! I hate them. Yes, I hate this band to the core! Don’t ask me why. Their name sucks too!
All the three of them look pathetic in the pic!

8. Phish

This name is God-awful. Man, just think of it. You’re starting a band that will release music which people from around the globe will listen to.
Your name may not be Nice, but it should be decent to hear..!

9. Anal Cunt

Whenever I hear this name, I fall out of my chair with laughter.
Even I could think of a better name.

10. Live

No matter how you want to pronounce it, the name sucks!
Not fit to be a band name..!

P.S. – I will keep on writing about worst band names very often, as soon as I find one! 😛 Keep reading..

1000 Hits and Counting..!

I started this blog some one and a half months back. When I started it, I didn’t think I’d write in here regularly and it would be just like my dormant blogspot Blog!
But, as I began to write, I developed a very deep interest and found it nice to express some of my thoughts..!

Now, My blog has achieved a milestone! 1000 hits!

I’m very happy!
Grateful too, to all my friends who’ve read this blog and commented and also suggested changes!

I hope you read on..!


Biggest WTF ever! (Vol. 2)

I like Quizzing. And now, I like it even more. My P.U. college conducts a fest annually called Satvam. And this year, I’d got a chance to host the quiz along with my pals. I was very excited and looked forward to it.

Varun is this really budding quizzer. And I think he’ll be excellent in the coming years. Prithvish is also equally good. One of my seniors, Vinay Bhushan was also there as a Host. He is more experienced and more confident than any of us. We have to look up to him. A brilliant quizzer and a good speaker on stage. Actually, I have a lot to learn from them! We were given chance to conduct the prelims and the Finals. The prelims went on very well. It was a memorable programme, which we will cherish throughout! But it was not done… The Finals, the stage event was yet to come. It needed a lot of hard work and practice.
We were in no mood to compromise with both quantity and quality. We didn’t want anything less than the best. So we worked very hard. Learning about events which happened during various times and also the trivia about them is not an easy task as it sounds. Trust me!
It needs patience and will power! What’s more difficult is, framing questions on them, which can be comprehended by both the Participants and the Audience!

Then, on Sept. 5th it was the Finals. The fest was supposed to be held on 4th and 5th. But, due to the death of some ‘Leader’, a state holiday was declared. So, Friday’s programmes were postponed to Monday. This caused great amount of inconvenience, which we didn’t really realize in the beginning.

On the Saturday, 5th Sept., We were all geared up to make our show a success. The quiz was to be held in the afternoon, and before that, it was the Dance, Hindi Anthakshari, Dumb Charades. Dance was a messy event. No one was good. In one of the God Forsaken performances, the song said, ‘Shake it, shake, shake it..’ But no one in that team was doing anything near to that! LMAO!

This show got over by 12. And the Anthakshari was supposed to be at 12. But the great judges of that event were late. Late by half an hour! Gosh! Only, if we’d known we’d pay for it later. Everything was delayed, thanks to them. They finished their boring event by 1 40pm. Then it was time for some Dumb Charades. It was being conducted by me and Prabhasa who was my DC team-mate for some three years now. We’ve attended numerous events and won most of them! The DC went on well. But it took more time, due to that delay, finishing by 3 45.

Then it was time for the quiz. Everyone assembled for it. It started well, with me conducting the initial two rounds. But the teachers were getting frustrated because of the delay. That damn P.E. teacher came and asked us to Scrap the last round so that they can make time for some Dog-shit rock band. I was taken aback by miles! We worked our asses off for this quiz. We had some brilliant ideas about quizzing. Everything was spoilt. I clearly told him No. My refusal to scrap it was ‘Crystal’!
The rounds went on… Then many other teachers joined hands and insisted on cutting the quiz short. We were damn annoyed. But we were helpless. They finally succeeded and we were hurt, badly!!

I just threw the god-damn mike and walked out. Later, a couple of teachers came to us to apologise for the inconvenience caused. Lol.
“A sorry doesn’t make a dead man come alive.”

Nobody among us gave a shit to their apologises!
We are not going back there next year! That was our decision.

And the WTF issue here is,
The quiz was scrapped to make time for the “ROCK” show. LMAO!!
Some guitars beginners and a funeral drummer came on stage and sang Nothing Else Matters, Omerta and another song, which I don’t remember. It was so horrible that I felt like being left tied up in a pool of shit! The vocalist had probably swallowed a chalk piece before coming on stage!
Take my word – Nobody can try replicate a Lamb of God guitar tune!

The band was called ‘Insight.’ It sucked!
I think I can do better than them! I really feel sorry for myself for being there.

After that funeral concert, it was time for some Ethnic Fashion show.
It was more like a People crossing the road. 😛
I really don’t want to talk about it. Sorry.
You can mail me if you want to know about this show!

P.S. – There’s more to come….

Impossibly inconvenient..!

You may be wondering(if you read in here regularly) why I didn’t post anything in the last few days. Well, there’s a valid reason! My college has begun with a bang. And I have very little time to STUDY! Lol! So, I’m neither finding time nor patience to write. I have lot of interesting stuff to share. I will make a comeback, maybe this weekend and write in here!

College is fun…!
I will tell you more about that fun shortly!
I am sure you’ll faint with laughter! 😛

Biggest WTF till date! Vol. 1

Lol. The name sounds funny! But yes. I’d never seen a bigger WTF till today. Today is the Ganesha Chaturthi festival. In our home, we don’t bring any Idol and stuff. It’s just a simple thing, with a Silver idol! But some of our relatives do it in a grand way. So, this time, one of our relatives invited us to their place for the festival. So, after finishing the ‘puja’ at our place, we went to their place. There were many people gathered – Cousins, friends, their neighbours. On the whole, they were doing it on a large scale. And I don’t like such public gatherings. It sucks for two reasons – One, All the Silly relatives ask silly questions. Two, Swine Flu and other flu are all on the rise. Public gatherings must be avoided. I’m very scared! 😛

But I’d no option. My mum said there’ll be no lunch if I’m at home. So I’d to go. The only thing I was looking forward to in that place was Lunch!
Okay. We went there. it was almost Lunch time. So those people asked us to take a look at our ‘Ganesh’ Bhai and head for lunch. The Idol was beautifully decorated. I was impressed.

Next, we went for lunch. There were many cousins of mine. We talked for sometime, then sat down to eat. ‘Finally!’ I thought, ‘I’m doing what I came here for!’ 😛

We were being served all kinds of dishes and all of them were very nice. I was almost engrossed in eating when my phone yelled! My ring tone was a song called Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold. Everyone was looking at me like I’d committed a Murder! I quickly answered the phone. It was my friend. I talked to him for around twenty minutes and hung Up. Everything was normal after that for sometime only. One of my relatives called out to me from the other end! Trust me, she was seated very far away me!

She told me two things which is making me roll on the ground laughing!

The two things are –

1. “Nitin, I don’t know why you guys should carry a phone. You won’t get lost or kidnapped! And your ringtone is some messed up song. Seems like it’s not recorded properly. Don’t have such ringtones. Lord Ganesh will get annoyed! I think your wife will also run away by hearing that song.”

This one annoyed me a lot!

2. “Don’t answer your phone while you’re eating. Your heart will undergo a ‘radiation disorder!’ It should be operated upon, later! The food may reach your heart. It’s fatal!”

Radiation disorder!?!?? WTF is that?
If it’s really fatal, then more than half the world’s population would be dead by now.

God help these brainless creatures! I really pity them!

P.S. – There’ll be many WTF news coming up..! Please update yourself by visiting my blog!

In memory of BaseCamp – Part 2.

Two kinds of stuff happened to me due to BaseCamp. One, I learnt a lot. All that I couldn’t in the previous two years, I learnt them! Mathematics, Chemistry… I’m proud about that. And the Second is a bad thing – I bunked many classes. I shouldn’t have! I used to listen to the lesson which I hadn’t understood. And the rest? I just wasted time in the class. Maybe I was a bit too over-confident. Maybe I wasn’t serious about those topics. Unfortunately, one of those topics came in the exam and I failed to answer! Now that’s a lesson learnt, the hard way! Don,t you dare disrespect a lecture!

My chemistry teacher once told me, “Son, you’re hanging on a rope from a cliff. At any cost, you’ve to get there to the top. I don’t know how you’re going to do it. But you’ve to do it!” That’s some advice I’m going to keep in mind for the rest of my life.

One of my friends used to bring his Sony Ericsson phone. He had this huge collection of games on his Phone. I was very fascinated about playing on his phone. I didn’t own a phone then. So, in some boring lectures, I used to play Brian Lara cricket. Trust me! Some lectures were indeed boring! All my friends around me used to play something!
I guess I inspired them! 😛

And there was this another guy who, in 90 minutes, kept shaking his head for around 35 minutes! Gosh, that must have hurt! We used to call him ‘Shake’r!

Whatever it is, BaseCamp is a really really good initiative. I really hope others make good use and be successful! I learnt a lot from it. I really did and managed to be in the Top 1% of the JEE aspirants around the nation!

In memory of BaseCamp – Part 1.

“Macha, I suggest you attend BaseCamp. We’re going to learn a hell lot of things!” That’s what I said to Nanda when he was thinking of not joining. Ashish was ready and so was I. Then, after a pretty long argument, Nanda agreed.

So, on Nov.22nd, there we were, sitting in the first class of BaseCamp – An Intensive coaching programme for IIT-JEE. The three of us sat in the third bench, hoping to listen properly.

BASE had really arranged amazingly. Many learned professors came and taught us.

These classes were held everyday from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. It’s pretty long and tiring. But what the BASE people say is we’ve to work hard for JEE. Perseverance is the Key! I agree with the though I didn’t like such long timings.

The first couple of weeks went good. We sat through the day listening. They gave us worksheets to solve, while the teachers solved something called Classwork along with some concept Teaching. Then after a fortnight, we felt a bit annoyed. And there we were, The great ‘Bunk’ers! We started bunking classes! Can you believe that!? It was the final stage of JEE. And we still weren’t serious! Damn! Now I realise!
One of my friends used to attend all classes. But still couldn’t make it. 😛 But, we weren’t supposed to miss. I wish there was ‘CTRL Z’ for the BaseCamp, so that we could go back, listen properly. It’d have been amazing!

To be continued….
Part 2 to be posted shortly


I’m really left with nothing to do in these holidays. I’m running out of ideas! The holidays are coming to an end. So are my Hobbies.

In the past few days, I’ve been idling around the whole day except in the mornings. I go to the Gym early in the morning where I get to meet a few of my friends. We talk, laugh and work out! Then I come home, eat and study something! This will go on till late afternoon. Then after lunch, I’ll be left with nothing but boredom! I used to paint or watch a movie before. But that has becoming boring too.

I don’t want my college to start early either. It’ll affect my studying.
Gosh! Presently, life’s becoming very confusing!!

I’ve planned a few things to study for the next few days. And I’ve got to see how that goes.

P.S. – I suggest you to read Khaled Hosseini’s any of the two books – The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns. Trust me, he’s an amazing writer!

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